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29.2.08 05:38

Sad Puppy

Sad puppy today. Sad because one of my colleagues is sad...and I'm sad for her. Terrible thing she is going through at the moment.

Secondly...very because I'm going to be working myself in my chops. My schedule looks like this:

Monday  -  Worked
Tuesday -  Worked
Wednesday  -  Worked
Thursday -  Worked
Friday -  Working right now
Saturday -  Scheduled to work
Sunday -  Scheduled to work
Monday -  Scheduled to work
Tuesday -  Scheduled to work
Wednesday -  Scheduled to work
Thursday -  Scheduled to work
Friday -  Scheduled to work
Saturday - Scheduled to work
Sunday -  Off
Monday - Scheduled to work
Tuesday - Scheduled to work
Wednesday  - Scheduled to work
Thursday - Scheduled to work
Friday - Scheduled to work

Notice that I only have 1 day off in this 3 week cycle. I'm going to be fried. All because I offered to help out a colleague who failed to highlight that this would happen if I did. I should have checked myself and will do so in future. I really shouldn't trust people so blindly. I can't bail out now since this colleague is away on leave. FFS. I'm currently on the Friday that says 'Working right now', so I'm still fine for now. But when I get to the second Friday that says 'Scheduled to work' I'll be a dead woman working.

This must be illegal.

22.2.08 08:51


Feeling crappy today (pun intended)

Sucks being sick and not wanting to stay home. FFS.

19.2.08 12:23

Meet my new victims

Rudi and I had trouble finding a Valentine's day gift for me. The gift I had chosen was out of stock everywhere. I told Leeza that I decided to get a plant and she recommended that I get a jasmine bush since it smells so yummy.

On Friday I bought myself this plant:

I don't know what kind of plant it is. It just says 'Venda Pot' on the label.

After work Rudi and I went shopping for my Valentine's day gift at Stodels. We managed to find a Jasmine bush and a beautiful pot for it. We also purchased compost and potting soil so that I could plant it. Rudi was also given a chilli plant on Thursday and my grandmother gave me a plant that has little purple flowers when it blooms.

When I got to potting I had a lot of fun. I struggled a little to get the plants out of the pots they were already in...but I managed. I just hope I didn't damage any roots while I was at it.

The Jasmine bush in the blue ceramic pot we bought

Rudi's chilli plant (apparently the 3rd strongest chilli in the world)

The plant my grandmother gave me

All planted

I'm very proud of my plants....and very worried about them. I so want them to bloom and flower and prosper....but I know that I have trouble keeping plants alive. If I ever had to go to NA I would never ever be allowed into a relationship because I would fail to keep the plant alive for a year first (not for lack of trying mind you!).

I've also followed the instructions on my seeds for heather and started the process of germination. Now I have to wait a month to see if anything pops up.

Please pray for my plants. I reckon they'll need it.

18.2.08 06:25

Doing your bit

The CANSA Shavathon is happening at work today and I've had my hair sprayed silver and purple:

Here it costs R50.00 to spray and the money is donated to CANSA. I also got a badge to keep. I think they are mainly in the corporate enviroments today, but they'll be out in full force tomorrow!

The South African website is

I'll see if I can get a picture of the badge from their website later.

Do your bit! Shave or spray today or tomorrow!

15.2.08 07:37


Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

My husband made me breakfast this morning We didn't have any I got bacon, eggs and tea. This may be the nicest Valentine's Day ever!

I seem to be attracting gifts lately. You not going to hear me complaining!

Saturday last week my grandfather bought me a baby bottle. It was actually a gag because he's been hinting for years now that he wants a great grandchild. I just keep ragging him saying 'No pressure!'.

This morning a colleague of mine decided to follow suite (after I had related the story to her) and showed up with a bar of baby soap and a rattle! She even wrapped it up in 'baby shower' type wrapping.

Actually I'll be going off my birth control at the end of the month. It will probably take me a while to fall pregant. Shame, Rudi seems to be counting the days. Last night he said to me 'Only 13 days left'. I really hope that I can fall pregnant with no complications. It would send him over the moon!


A couple of girls at work and I went shopping during lunch. I needed to get something for Rudi anyway. He requested shaving goodies, so I bought him a new razor, shaving cream and aftershave balm. I wrapped it all up nicely and taped a chocolate heart to the packaging.

At school I always felt kind of left out on Valentine's day...but today is different. I feel really nice. When we were at the shopping centre one of the assistants told us how lovely we look (we're all dressed in red and white). At work a guy that was walking past us said 'Hello Valentine's!'. Stupid shit like that has me feeling good.

Rudi set my mood for the entire day - and it's awesome! A lot of how I feel during the day depends on how we interact in the morning.

Yesterday my cousin sent me a message on Facebook and asked me if I 'got it'. So when I got home I checked my mailbox...and found the most wonderful gift!

She sent me seeds of Heather. In case you didn't know, that's my name. I wanted her to send me photos when she went to Scotland, but she did one better! I love plants (despite the fact that I kill them rather skillfully) and I've always wanted to see Heather in real I can grow my own!

The instructions seem rather complicated, but I'm going to do my best to grow it so I can send HER photos of it! Included in the seed packet there is also a laminated book mark with a small white Heather flower which is supposed to be good luck It was such a thoughtful gift I couldn't help but be ecstatic!

We also received gifts from work including a chocolate, soap with a built in loofah, a candle in a tin and massage oil packaged in a red cooler bag:

I hope you everybody has an awesome day...whether you're single or one of a couple...spread the love!

14.2.08 05:37

50 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I hate black toilet seats. They freak me out because I believe that I can see ecoli better on a white seat I suppose.
  2. You can argue with me as much as you want, I don't think I'm pretty.
  3. My pinkies (little fingers) are crooked. Both of them. They have been from birth. My Evil Mother wanted to have them broken and straightened when I was younger. I was never good enough for her (except when she realized I have a good credit record)
  4. I want to lose an entire person.
  5. I cannot eat mozarella cheese since being on SureSlim put me off it for life.
  6. I hate olives. They taste crap.
  7. I don't eat sea food. Only calamari and sometimes hake. I don't like fish.
  8. I have been working for the same company since I left school.
  9. I have met Des from Egoli (Chanel De Jager) and visited her home in London while I was there.
  10. My favourite colour is purple, but I have found that I like pink equally recently.
  11. Heath Ledger was my favourite actor, partially because he had the male version of my name, partially because he's hot.
  12. I had to curb a facebook addiction due to it being blocked at work.
  13. Stupid people make me swear out loud at work.
  14. I think there is something wrong with me, but I'm not sure what it is.
  15. I am fascinated by serial killers. I will read up on them whenever I have time.
  16. I am afraid of any bird that is as big as or larger than a duck.
  17. Alanis Morissette is my favourite artist of all time. I cried when she came onto stage when I attended her concert.
  18. I used to be obsessed with Eeyore (from Winnie The Pooh). I have a large box of Eeyore items from panties to pencil erasers.
  19. I am left handed, but use it almost only for writing. I do practically everything else with my right hand.
  20. My 'Discovery Age' is 8 years older than my actual age.
  21. Quitting smoking was too easy for me. I was very disappointed.
  22. I once tried to iron lycra pants.
  23. I am not naturally blonde, despite the impression that the previous point creates.
  24. I often overestimate my importance in the lives of others.
  25. I have recorded a song I wrote.
  26. I used to write poetry when I was in high school. It was all very dark and angsty stuff.
  27. I think completely bald men are sexy.
  28. I didn't wear open shoes (like sandals) until the age of 22 because my grandmother used to call me "polony toes" which gave me a complex about my feet.
  29. I used to take piano lessons in primary school, but gave it up when I realized my fingers are too short to play the more complicated pieces.
  30. I bake kick ass meringues (not lemon meringues, the pavlova type) - apparently this is an art, but it's always come naturally to me.
  31. I have a brother that's not really my brother, he's sort of 'adopted'. He's not legally my brother, nor by blood but we have a brotherly-sisterly bond. He'd save my ass in a heartbeat and I'll do the same for him.
  32. I have two half brothers only one of whom I met once when he was a baby.
  33. I don't know my father and sometimes wish I did since I only know my mother's side of the story and I don't believe her anymore.
  34. I worry about the mental health of my unconceived child when I look at my family and that of my husband.
  35. I still go to the GP that delivered me.
  36. I can't see for shit, I wear contacts.
  37. I thought at some point that I could be a writer, but have since realized that others are able to articulate themselves much better than I can.
  38. I have been "the other woman" and regret it
  39. I love blue cheese, proper stinky blue cheese. I usually buy the Rosenburg brand from Checkers.
  40. When I was little I used to use moist sand and build little 'houses' which really just consisted of raised sand 'walls'. I used to put snails in the 'rooms' and then watch them. I also used to poke at their eye thingies and watch them suck it in.
  41. I am often ambivalent. I would watch a program like 'LA Law" and both lawyers would convince me to the extent that I would be very confused about whether or not the accused is innocent or guilty.
  42. I am afraid of the dark.
  43. I can't stand drinking water. I really should, but there are a lot of things I should do that I don't believe I can achieve.
  44. I don't eat prawns or shrimp, but love the 'Prawn Cocktail' chips from Woolworths.
  45. Speaking of Woolworths, I refuse to purchase anything from a Woolworths store based on the principle that they cared more about money than about me.
  46. I am a realist and DO think that South Africa is being run into the ground. I do not, however, plan to run. I will wait it out for a while and see what happens.
  47. I used to believe in fairies, gnomes, dwarves and other magical creatures when I was young.
  48. I like sex in the missionary position.
  49. I don't enjoy British humour.
  50. I think Adcodol is the best pain killer ever.

I never thought I could come up with 50 things. Seriously. I amaze myself.

This post was inspired by Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills. I encourage anybody to do the same and leave the links in the comment section. This is a lot of fun.

13.2.08 10:43

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